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mario odyssey anniversary art recolor

Yes, another mario image edit that I made when I should have been doing something else, lol.... I'm actually very fond the super saturated and simple coloring style offical mario art often has? Its just so classic! So charming! But I just wanted to see how coloring my way would look? Y'know for fun! Hope no one minds that i share aha...

Anyway here's the original art for comparsion:

Isn't it so cute....? This anniversity art for mario odyssey is one of my favs tbh. I just love images where Bowser is just hanging out and having fun with everyone... ;o;

old ish doodles :]

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The Map as it currently stands

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sold my gender to bowser for a chocolate bar. so worth it

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Humans are a diverse and widespread but fairly uncommon species. They are a tall species of upright bipedal primate with sparse hair.

Most of their population is found in Sarasaland, and the earliest archaeological evidence of humans is found in the Chai Kingdom. The Chai Kingdom is the only nation where Humans are the majority species. A notable population is also found in the Mushroom Kingdom, including the royal family. Their history in the Mushroom Kingdom is ancient and entwined with the Toads whom the Humans share the kingdom with. Minor populations are found in the neighbouring kingdoms and across the islands.

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I am content with everything west of Bowser's big thick border and to the south of it. As for Bowser's empire, feel I made it too bloated. I don't know. I feel maybe just making the surrounding nations independent might make it feel better?

just learned abt super mario real??

im VERY excited abt super nintendo world.... hoply shit.....

I finished the drawing of Daisy in chinese empress clothing!!! I kept a few aspects of her canon dress, but used them differently! One thing is, her crown has a flower-shaped jade in front, and two sapphires on the sides to represent her friendship with Princess Peach! Her crown is also holding her big bun of hair, which also holds the crown in place!

This dress is based on the one here!!

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Let's get down some very basic geography:

We have the Mushroom Kingdom, the second largest and most populated of the peaceful kingdoms. To the north is Sarasaland, composed of the Birabuto, Muda, Easton, and Chai Kingdoms. Sarasaland is the largest but least populated. To the south of the Mushroom Kingdom is the Beanbean Kingdom, smallest but more populated than Sarasaland. I've never played Superstar Saga but honestly a bean-themed kingdom counter to the Mushroom Kingdom is so fun. To the east of all three of these is the Koopa Empire and its tributaries, which combined are larger and more heavily populated than

Off the western coast is Yoshi Island and Kong Island, protectorates of the Mushroom Kingdom. Off the southern coast is Kitchen Island, formally a Koopa tributary but under the control of the Black Sugar Pirates

Hi I love Daisy??? So much??? She's so cute!!!

I gave her the classic outfit with a few small changes. Also gave her black hair, and her eyes are brown (though you can't see them right now!). This is my version of Princess Daisy!!

I will be posting about her and other mario franchise characters on @miraculouswife!!

mathematics asked:

Just like Kamek, Petey Piranha's another one whose gender is fluid; in English, he's referred to as "he" and "Petey," but in French she's called "Flora" or something similar.

oh hell yeah!! nintendo back at it again with accidental enby rights

oh god oh fuck i was drawing refs of the Bros but i just thought of oc concepts hold on

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But if I don't consume content about my hyperfixation, I'll die!

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the only downside of this is that i cant. look at content on either tumblr or instagram bc its. full of lowkey/highkey fetishistic art and im just :/ i literally do not respect any of you freaks.

im so tired of these tired takes like "Mario/Luigi hates his brother"

if you think that, you're a fool. They both would personally execute you for saying that.

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more daisy headcanons

she'd be called Empress Daisy in her home kingdom

so before daisy was born, but while her parents ruled, they had only just recently made contact with the mushroom kingdom. they hadn't known each other existed before (different, unconnected lands). but after they made contact with each other and started a friendly yet cautious relationship, the rulers visited each other and talked to each other in person

maybe the queen of the mushroom kingdom gave a daisy as a gift to the empress of the chai kingdom when they first visit the mushroom kingdom, to put her more at ease and show their friendship. she is touched by this, and so, when their child is soon born, the rulers of the chai kingdom name her daisy

but wait, there's more!

peaches originally come from china. so when the rulers of the mushroom kingdom visit the chai kingdom for the first time, the empress gives the queen a basket of their best peaches to welcome her. the queen is touched by this, and when their child is born, they name her peach

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Gays when they see Bowser: That's my dad

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actually i do want to talk abt my daisy hcs now

trans lesbian (she/her) 5'11" half egyptian, half chinese very sporty but also likes to hang out with her friends!! and is very good at taking care of plants (to her surprise)

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ok pls don't hate me for this (princess daisy headcanons)

so,, since the kingdom daisy rules seems to be based on an ancient mythical china,,,, what if she were chinese and wore traditional chinese clothing. but she wears clothes similar to peach when they're together bc they're bestfriends and matching is fun (and maybe to fit in when she's hanging out with her friends from the other kingdoms?)

and princess daisy is called a tomboy but i really don't see it, at least based on how she's dressed. she's very feminine, and probably enjoys doing a lot of typical lady things with peach like shopping (shopping is canon tho) and doing their nails and stuff like that. but maybe she does things that ppl wouldn't think a woman would do like constuction? maybe she could build her own bamboo furniture and stuff. or maybe she'd be really into engineering and design and build cars and devices? i think i like that better

i can't find what her subjects looks like. i might just decide they're human like her

also her name might be a nickname that she picked for her friends in the other kingdoms to use, or maybe she really was named daisy bc her parents liked the word or wanted her to have a name that fit in better in the other kingdoms?

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